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ENGINEERED PUMP SERVICES, INC. successfully serves the pump repair and engineering needs of electric utilities; large and small municipalities; and a variety of industries including steel, mining, paper, oil, and brewing in the United States, Canada, and around the World.

We specialize in the evaluation, repair, engineering, and field assistance services to support the reliable operation of your various classes of pumps. Our specialties include boiler feed, circulating/cooling, condensate, potable, sewage, paper stock, crude oil, and descale water pumps to name a few.

Our independence from an OEM product line allows our engineering team to dig deep into weak points of OEM equipment, giving our team the freedom to improve on existing designs and material selections on an unbiased basis. We understand the challenges you face and are prepared to help you solve your equipment problems. We will fine tune your equipment to meet your specific application and needs. Our engineering and repairs are backed by 30 years of company history, practical experience, and proven performance with our customers.


Performance Evaluation & Shop Inspection

ENGINEERED PUMP SERVICES, INC. specializes in providing a full range of pump services to our customers


Full Range of Pump Services

ENGINEERED PUMP SERVICES, INC. specializes in providing pump repairs & re-manufacturing support and engineering services


Field services by Experienced Technicians

ENGINEERED PUMP SERVICES, INC. provides 24 hour "on-call" availability and quick turnaround on repairs


Serving the electric generation utilities, the water and wastewater plants of municipalities, and industry.

Our customers own and operate literally hundreds of different types and manufacturers of pumps. Regardless of their origin, all of the pumps have one thing in common; they can be repaired by EPS.

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