Sales Philosophy

ENGINEERED PUMP SERVICES, INC. takes pride in the technical expertise of its staff and their ability to translate our customers' needs into positive results. When our customers trust us with a piece of their critical equipment, ask us for an engineering recommendation, or utilize the services of one of our field technicians, they can be assured of getting a fair and honest evaluation of their requirements, a firm price for our services, and a quality job. In fact, we are so sure that you will be satisfied, we offer a one-year warranty on all of our work.

This philosophy can be demonstrated by our approach to a typical pump repair as follows:

  • Our customer is given a firm price quote for the inspection and evaluation of the condition of their pump.
  • Upon receipt in our shop, the pump is completely dismantled. Photos are taken during the dismantling process to provide a record of the pump's as-received condition.
  • All components are blast cleaned or manually cleaned as required. Photos are taken of the cleaned parts as required to provide a record of their condition.
  • All components are dimensionally inspected.
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) is done to components as required. This may include ultrasonic examination of shafts; magnetic particle (MPI) or dye penetrant (DPI) inspection of impellers; MPI or DPI inspection of welds, etc.
  • A comprehensive inspection report is drafted and submitted. This report will contain a summary of all of the measurements, resulting fits and clearances between the components, copies of all of the NDT reports, selected photographs to support the text of the report, and finally a recommended scope of repair.
  • Under a separate letter, the customer receives a firm price quotation to repair the pump in accordance with our recommendations.
  • With a firm price quote and a complete work scope, the customer pays only what was quoted and there are no surprise “adders” later.

From our very first day of business, we have treated our customers in this manner. We have found success with this philosophy in the past; we will find success by continuing this philosophy into the future.